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I'm MaryJo, a wild heart with a passion for telling stories. Having had the privilege to spend the majority of my twenties traveling and living outside of the US, I've seen the world through so many different eyes and have had the opportunity to fall in love with the humanness of humans over and over again. Everyone has a heart that drives them, everyone has a story worthy of being told, and I know that the more we share our light with the world, the more compassionate and whole the world becomes.

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Films that make you feel

Sentient Films LLC is a Fargo Moorhead based film production company that exists to create authentic films that expose our humanity. With a focus on wedding videography in addition to creating narrative and non-fiction short films, I love to observe and capture realness, from the moments that connect us to the little quirks that set us apart. My goal is to get to the heart of the subject matter and expose the light that shines through the cracks.

What I value





Fresh air

Attention to detail



A few fun facts

1. I'm a single mom to a high-energy, wild, and fun little human. She sure keeps me on my toes.

2. Movement makes me feel whole. I'm a dancer, yogi, and teacher of both, and I believe that my years of experience choreographing emotion to music is apparent in the films I create.

3. When I was 22, I sailed on a small sailboat down to Mexico and ended up living there for almost 7 years. I even made some videos about the trip. It's a little embarrassing, but you can check those out here.


A story teller at heart

Whether through music, dance, acting, or through film, I have come to the realization that my greatest purpose in this lifetime is to tell stories, and to tell them honestly and compassionately. It is beyond want or desire. I simply must express and share the stories I witness that are filled with heart, life, love, joy, pain, and everything in between, and in a way that is grounded, real, and sentient.

I would be absolutely honored if you would choose me to tell your story.

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