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Films that make you feel

Sentient Films LLC is a Fargo Moorhead based film production company that exists to create authentic films that expose our humanity. With a focus on wedding and lifestyle videography in addition to creating narrative and non-fiction short films, we love to observe and capture realness, from the moments that connect us to the little quirks that set us apart. Our goal is to get to the heart of the subject matter and expose the light that shines through the cracks.


HI! I'm MaryJo

Owner and Chief Creative at Sentient Films

An introvert, empath, and observer of life, I am in constant awe of the beauty of this planet we get to live on and love to capture and share that beauty with others. 


But also…


I like to dance like a dinosaur in my kitchen and have to actively stop myself from randomly bursting into song at inappropriate times.

So, you know...I'm well-rounded.

Footage Nov21_edited.jpg

More than an image

Beyond just a photograph, film takes nostalgia to another level. We offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the moments you never want to forget. 


Combining twenty four images per second with the sounds of the moment and the music to match, we aim to take you back in time and let you relive those minutes, hours, days as if you're there again. Whether it's the day you commit to doing life with your person, the era of your family when the kids are young, or those special moments you spent with someone who you can no longer spend moments with. 

A breath. A smile. A tear. A laugh. We capture life. We capture realness. 

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I'd love to hear from you!

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If you want to inquire about a

Wedding Film,

click here.

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