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I'm MaryJo, a wild heart with a passion for telling stories. Having had the privilege to spend the majority of my twenties traveling and living outside of the US, I've seen the world through so many different eyes and have had the opportunity to fall in love with the humanness of humans over and over again. Everyone has a heart that drives them, everyone has a story worthy of being told, and I know that the more we share our light with the world, the more compassionate and whole the world becomes.


I’ve known I wanted to direct films since I was in high school. I took advantage of the elective multimedia classes offered at my school and made such refined short films as “iPod Superheroes” and “The Legend of Glowy Ball.” I may not have been making Oscar worthy content, but the fire was lit within me and I knew that no matter what path I took in life, making movies was my end-game. 

After graduating in 2008 I pursued other passions, touring the world with a performing arts group and then hopping on a sailboat down to tropical Mexico where I lived for over six years. Film wasn’t my main focus at the time, but I always had a camera in hand and would make little videos documenting life.


2008 me dreaming about being a director one day

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People who knew me would see these videos and hire me to do freelance videography. I filmed events, created promotional material for non-profits, bands, theaters, and I even made a short documentary to help raise funds to build a park in a small Mexican village. 

I found that, though I never had access to high end camera gear, my strength lay in my ability to weave a story together in a compelling manor. There was a certain excitement, energy, and rawness to my editing style. I took care to stay faithful to reality while emphasizing the emotion of the moments and highlighting the humor.

Since moving back to Fargo, ND in 2019, I’ve made my film education a priority. I enrolled at MSUM as a double major in Film Production and Biology where I am continuing to hone my skills and cultivate my craft with the utmost intentionality. I’ve worked in the MSUM marketing department as a videographer since 2022 and have taken on freelance wedding videography work since 2021. I believe in lifelong learning, investing in oneself, and the perpetual opportunity for growth, and I strive to always be enhancing my creativity and quality.

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I'd love to hear from you!

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